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richard s. ehrlich reporting on the royal thai army’s final bloody assault on the red shirts’ barricades on ratchadamri road in bangkok, thailand, may 19, 2010.

(photos by al rockoff)

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London’s Tate Modern Gallery exhibition of “Hello My Big Big Honey!” 

At the Tate Modern Gallery in London, “Hello My Big Big Honey!” appeared in an installation called, “Untitled (2006)” by conceptual artist Ms. Simryn Gill. 

Tate Modern Odd: A Woman Obsessively Cuts Words From “Hello My Big Big Honey!”

Ms. Gill, wielding a sharp blade, obsessively cut more than 80 words from 123 books, including the non-fiction tome that I co-wrote titled, “Hello My Big Big Honey!” Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews.

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San Francisco Book Tour

SAN FRANCISCO, California — A switchblade to the throat, a former CIA “Apocalypse Now” paramilitary leader, and a warning not to say “chicks,” greeted us during our three-week book signing tour in San Francisco. 

And who were those “Trotskyite feminists”? 

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I am also one of the main researchers and writers of the 444-page, non-fiction book about Thailand’s history titled,

“1946-2009 Chronicle of Thailand: 64 Years of Headline News”
published in 2009 by the Bangkok Post and Editions Didier Millet.
ISBN 9789814217125
This book documents, among other events, America’s often brutal involvement in Thailand during the widening U.S.-Vietnam War, plus Thailand’s military dictators who napalmed their own northern hill tribes and hunted down suspected Chinese and other communists while this Southeast Asian nation was roiled by multiple coups and attempted putsches. 

I am also one of the main researchers and writers of the 444-page, non-fiction book about Thailand’s history titled,

“1946-2009 Chronicle of Thailand: 64 Years of Headline News”

published in 2009 by the Bangkok Post and Editions Didier Millet.

ISBN 9789814217125

This book documents, among other events, America’s often brutal involvement in Thailand during the widening U.S.-Vietnam War, plus Thailand’s military dictators who napalmed their own northern hill tribes and hunted down suspected Chinese and other communists while this Southeast Asian nation was roiled by multiple coups and attempted putsches. 

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Christian Kachin Guerrillas Are Crippled in Myanmar

BANGKOK, Thailand — In Myanmar, the regime’s helicopter gunships, mortars and other weapons are successfully crippling a 52-year-long struggle for autonomy waged by mostly Christian, ethnic minority Kachin guerrillas along the northernmost border with China.

Panetta Expects Taliban Won’t Turn Petraeus’s Adultery into Propaganda

BANGKOK, Thailand — Afghanistan’s Taliban “obviously” could “explore” the possibility of turning Gen. David Patraeus’s adultery into anti-American propaganda, but “there are probably other issues that they could focus on, besides the Petraeus matter,” U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday (November 15).

Asia’s Best & Worst Places to be a Sex Worker

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand and New Zealand sound like the best places in Asia to be a prostitute because repressive laws, religions, traditions and other controls make sex workers’ lives miserable, dangerous, violent and victimized elsewhere.

China Mourns Sihanouk’s Death & Continues Advancing in Cambodia

BANGKOK, Thailand — The death of Cambodia’s Norodom Sihanouk on Monday (October 15) in Beijing symbolized how China had sheltered him in a mansion with personal medical, diplomatic and financial assistance throughout much of his often bloody reign.

13 Murders on the Mekong River

BANGKOK, Thailand — A Burmese drug lord and five gang members pleaded guilty in China to murdering 13 innocent Chinese sailors on the Mekong River, and loading nearly one million illegal amphetamine pills onto their two cargo ships during a murky smuggling scam.

America Spends $49 Million in Vietnam to Remove Agent Orange

BANGKOK, Thailand — A $49 million U.S. government effort began on Thursday (August 9) to cleanse deadly Agent Orange herbicide from a former air base in Danang, central Vietnam, where Americans stored, loaded and washed chemical weapons while spraying the country during the Vietnam War.

1,500 Fake “Bomb Detectors” Fail to Stop Explosions in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s military, narcotics bureau, airports and other security forces bought 1,576 fake “bomb detectors” for $30 million, investigators said, which the army currently uses against Islamist guerrillas despite a U.S. Embassy alert that the devices are “like a toy.”

NASA’s Atmosphere Probe is Grounded by Thailand’s Squabbling

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was unable to convince Thailand to allow U.S. aircraft designed for “probing a vast expanse of the Southeast Asian atmosphere” to launch from a former Vietnam War-era American air base.

Aung San Suu Kyi Leaves Burma After 24 Years

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma’s Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday (May 29), the first time since 1988 that she has been out of her country where she suffered more than 15 of house arrest before being elected to parliament in April.

Millions of Illegal Methamphetamines Made From Medicine in Thailand’s Hospitals

BANGKOK, Thailand — Police said they seized one million illicit methamphetamine pills, weeks after discovering nearly 50 million legal tablets to treat common ailments had been stolen from Thailand’s hospitals, to make powerful speed drugs to sell to addicts.

Thaksin Wants to Avoid Assassination & Prison in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra hopes assassins will stop hunting him, and a deal can be arranged allowing him to dodge imprisonment and return home a free man.

Aung San Suu Kyi Stoops to Conquer Burma

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma’s Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is predicted to easily win parliament seat in Sunday’s (April 1) by-election, amid expectations that Washington will respond by easing economic sanctions, but the polls also symbolize how far she has fallen.

Alcohol & Politics: A Volatile Mix in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — One of Thailand’s most powerful politicians has denied accusations that “he was drunk” in Parliament, prompting a lively public debate about alcohol use by politicians and the legal limits on reporting such allegations.

More “Baked Clay” Signs, Allegedly Posted by Iranian Bombers, Baffle Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand — Police discovered on Wednesday (Feb. 22) more signs, printed with an Arabic word describing “baked clay,” pasted on Bangkok’s streets allegedly by Iranians who prematurely set off bombs made of clay-like C-4 explosives while plotting to assassinate Israeli diplomats.

Iranians Allegedly Posted “Baked Clay” Signs to Attack Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand — Three Iranians who were arrested for allegedly setting off clay-like C-4 bombs in Bangkok on Valentine’s Day, pasted more than 50 signs printed with an Arabic word describing “baked clay” pinpointing more than 27 sites including near the American Embassy, police said.

Alleged Iranian Bombers Cavorted With Thai Women at Beach Resort

BANGKOK, Thailand — Police hunted on Friday (Feb. 17) for a fifth alleged terrorist who may have taught three arrested Iranians how to bomb Israeli diplomats in Bangkok, and released a photo showing the trio celebrating with Thai girls at a sleazy beach resort before bungling their plot.

Three Alleged Iranian Bomb-Makers Arrested After Bungling the Plot

BANGKOK, Thailand — Malaysia arrested on Wednesday (Feb. 15) an alleged member of an Iranian bomb-making gang who plotted to assassinate Israeli diplomats, one day after he fled Bangkok where their house exploded and another Iranian had destroyed his own legs in a bungled blast while battling police.

Alleged Iranian Bomb-Maker Blows Off His Own Leg

BANGKOK, Thailand — Israel and the U.S. issued emergency warnings after a suspected Iranian bomb-maker blundered by exploding his rented safe-house and challenging police in Bangkok’s streets, resulting in injuries to four civilians and accidentally blowing one of his own legs off.

A Banquet Feasts on Yingluck’s Troubles in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — After guests toasted a princess during a royal banquet inside the Grand Palace, dinner talk turned to Thailand’s troubled, five-month-old government, stumbling from crisis to crisis, including its newest decision which places one of its cabinet members in the cross-hairs of the U.S. Treasury Department.

Thai Government Promotes Red Shirt Leader & Mugabe Supporter

BANGKOK, Thailand — A Thai businesswoman, who is banned by the U.S. Treasury Department from doing business with Americans because she allegedly facilitated financial transactions for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s wife, has been appointed as the prime minister’s office minister.

Terror Suspect Says Ammonia in His “Cool Packs” Not For Bombs

BANGKOK, Thailand — An imprisoned Lebanese-Swedish terror suspect said he stockpiled medical “cool packs” which “contained ammonia” for commerical export, and is not a Hezbollah member, after being arrested for possessing 10 gallons (38 liters) of ammonium nitrate which can be used to build bombs.

Alleged Terrorist Reveals Stockpile of Bomb-Making Chemicals in Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand — When the United States Embassy issued a travel advisory about “foreign terrorists” in Bangkok last weekend, the warning may have prevented a massive car bombing in an area popular with Western tourists.

U.S., Israel & Thailand Hunt Hezbollah “Terrorists”

BANGKOK, Thailand — Security officials arrested a suspected Hezbollah “terrorist” attempting to leave the country from Bangkok’s international airport, after a three-week investigation involving Israel, Thailand’s prime minister, and the U.S. State Department.

Thailand’s Islamist War Could Become Yemen or Afghanistan, Diplomats Warn

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s war against minority Islamist guerrillas in the south, which killed more than 5,000 people during the past eight years, could escalate into an international security crisis similar to Yemen or Afghanistan, Britain’s ambassador said.

Thailand’s Fugitive Ex-Prime Minister Fails to Get Pardon

BANGKOK, Thailand — The government’s first apparent attempt to win an amnesty for former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who is a convicted international fugitive, failed after it was condemned as inappropriate to include him among 26,000 criminals eligible for a possible royal pardon.

Struggling to Survive Bangkok’s Worsening Floods

BANGKOK, Thailand — Worsening floods, which killed 506 people, are inundating more of Bangkok, prompting warnings about how to avoid disease, electrocution, crocodiles and other dangers in the infectious, garbage-strewn water which thousands of people are wading through to reach food, work, hospitals and transportation.

Floods Dissolve Thailand’s Superficial Can-Do Image

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s new prime minister is suffering criticism for her failures while tackling massive floods which killed 356 people, knocked out U.S. and other foreign factories, and rendered thousands of people homeless, but three months of thunderstorms and decades of poor preparations are mostly to blame.

Bangkok Becomes a Medieval-Style Fortress Against Deadly Floods

BANGKOK, Thailand — Floods have smothered much of Thailand, killing at least 317 people and prompting Bangkok to surround itself with makeshift walls, leaving those outside the perimeter to suffer from diverted water, reminiscent of medieval times when people dug moats and sealed off their fortress cities against plague, war and other calamities.

Worsening Floods in Thailand Kill and Destroy

BANGKOK, Thailand — The worst floods in decades have killed 261 people, swamped an export manufacturing zone, and caused millions of dollars in damage to crops and property while government officials publicly prayed to Buddha and prepared Bangkok for a destructive deluge.

Nazis, the Holocaust, and World War II Haunt Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — A parade by proud students wearing Nazi uniforms with swastika armbands, carrying toy rifles and led by a girl dressed as Hitler with a fake moustache, has resulted in condemnation by the U.S.-based Simon Wiesenthal Center and public debate in Thailand about their understanding of the Holocaust.

C.I.A. Torture Chamber at Bangkok’s International Airport?

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency may have used Bangkok’s former Don Muang International Airport as its secret prison to torture a suspected Muslim terrorist, the first time a specific location has ever been described within Thailand, according to statements by the Libyan who survived.

Ex-Massage Parlor Tycoon Rubs Away Thailand’s Police Chief

BANGKOK, Thailand — When voters recently elected a crude, joke-cracking, former massage parlor tycoon to parliament, no one expected him to immediately unleash a video sting against Thailand’s biggest illegal casino, and topple the country’s chief of police, plus the military-installed head of the National Security Council.

Islamist Guerrillas Want Southern Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Each morning, Buddhist monks wrap themselves in saffron-colored robes and silently stroll, collecting alms in Thailand’s three southern provinces while a phalanx of troops armed with assault rifles walk alongside, protecting them from Islamist assassins.

Thailand’s Female Prime Minister Faces Hostile U.S.-Trained Military

BANGKOK, Thailand — Parliament elected Yingluck Shinawatra as Thailand’s first female prime minister on Friday (August 5), but she faces a hostile U.S.-trained military which toppled her brother from power in a 2006 putsch and crushed last year’s anti-coup Red Shirt insurrection, resulting in 91 people killed and 1,400 injured.

Anxiety as China Influences Thailand’s Economy

BANGKOK, Thailand — A birthday party’s dinner guests were bubbling with cheer until the subject of China came up, causing some of the Thais to suddenly turn gloomy.

Human Rights Watch Demands U.S. Waterboarding in Thailand be Investigated

BANGKOK, Thailand — Yingluck Shinawatra expects to be confirmed as Thailand’s first female prime minister next month, enabling Washington and Bangkok to resurrect their collaboration in America’s war on terror which entwined the two democracies before the military toppled her brother’s government five years ago.

Thailand’s First Female Prime Minister Will Reverse 2006 Coup

BANGKOK, Thailand — Voters gave a strong mandate to elect Thailand’s first female Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, on Sunday (July 3) so she can reverse a devastating 2006 coup by the U.S.-trained military and bring her toppled brother, former premier Thaksin Shinawatra, home from self-exile.

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Envies Arab Uprisings

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma’s government told pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi that her political party was acting “against the law” and warned her to stop its activity, the same day she expressed “envy” for the Arab uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia.

Rituals In Pagodas: Thailand Election May Result in Trials Against Politicians & Military

BANGKOK, Thailand — If she becomes Thailand’s first female prime minister after a nationwide election on July 3, Yingluck Shinawatra may start tribunals against the current government and military for their role in the deaths of 91 people during the army’s assault against an anti-coup insurrection last year.

U.S. Marines Teach Thailand to Use Tasers & Neurotoxin Spray

BANGKOK, Thailand — U.S. Marines have finished training Thailand’s military and police to use electroshock Tasers to inflict “intense pain,” shoot a blinding neurotoxin spray, and explode non-lethal grenades, one year after Bangkok’s army unleashed snipers and armored personnel carriers against an anti-coup insurrection in which 91 people died.

A Woman May Win Thailand’s “Clone” Versus “Puppet” Election

BANGKOK, Thailand — Yingluck Shinawatra may become Thailand’s first female prime minister next month, so Thais are focusing on her face, gender, inexperience and relationship to her “clone” brother, Thaksin, a popular premier who was overthrown by the U.S.-trained military in a bloodless 2006 coup.

Thailand Prepares for Election While Both Sides Demand Trials

BANGKOK, Thailand — One year after troops crushed a nine-week insurrection in Bangkok which left 91 people dead and 2,000 injured, the government and rebellious Red Shirts remain polarized, demanding prison sentences for leaders on both sides while preparing for a nationwide election.

Exploited Workers of Southeast Asia Unable to Unite

BANGKOK, Thailand — Tired, poor, huddled people seeking jobs in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe have died on the high seas, suffocated in vehicles, toiled in sweatshops, and been expelled to countries where dictators lock them up.

12 Dead After Four-Day Thai-Cambodian Border Fight

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand and Cambodia fortified their border positions yesterday after four days of artillery and mortar battles killed seven Cambodian soldiers and five Thai troops, while both sides tried to dominate nearby ancient Hindu temple ruins which are potentially lucrative tourist sites.

CIA Suicide After a Life of God and Guns

BANGKOK, Thailand — William Young, a former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency paramilitary commander who spied on China and used tribesmen to kill Communists in Laos during the 1960s, died at home of a bullet to the head, clutching a crucifix alongside a gun, prompting speculation that he committed suicide. He was 76.

Surrogate Mothers Offered Everyone an “Efficient Embryo”

BANGKOK, Thailand — Police and health officials are investigating an international illegal “efficient embryo” syndicate after discovering a house occupied by Vietnamese women who were allegedly inseminated and kept throughout their pregnancies so an Internet-based company could sell their babies.

US Boots on the Ground Near Thai-Cambodian Border Fight

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thousands of U.S. troops are currently training Bangkok’s poorly disciplined, coup-prone military to “defend Thailand” while a bloody artillery duel between Thailand and Cambodia has disrupted their border, and a decades-long southern Muslim insurgency smolders out of control.

Sex Ring Busted: Canadian & Americans Abused Thai Kids

BANGKOK, Thailand — US investigators and Interpol successfully busted three Americans and a Canadian who traveled to Thailand and sexually abused pre-teen Thai boys, but human rights activists are still concerned that countless young victims remain unprotected.

Banquet Guests & Street Protests

BANGKOK, Thailand — In the royal splendor of the Grand Palace’s Chakri Throne Hall, invited dignitaries included the prime minister, a princess, a former military junta leader, America’s newly arrived ambassador and others at a black-tie awards presentation.

WikiLeaks: U.S. Embassy Suggests “Security Guarantees” For Burma’s Dictators

BANGKOK, Thailand — Aung San Suu Kyi’s “irrelevant” political party has “little concern for the social and economic plight of most Burmese,” so America should offer “security guarantees” to Burma’s military dictators and their families to remove them from power, according to a U.S. Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks.

"Wanted" Opium Warlord Competes With Topless Bar Girls (with photograph)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Will the world’s drunks, playboys, voyeurs and tourists, gawking at topless prostitutes amid the naughty neon of Bangkok’s tropical nights, help the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration catch the Golden Triangle’s biggest alleged opium warlord whose 30,000 post-cannibal rebels dwell in the treacherous mountains of Burma?

WikiLeaks: U.S. Agents Investigate Russian Killers & Thieves in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security and other agents are investigating “Russian organized crime networks” who are murdering and stealing in Thailand’s most popular tourist beach resorts, according to a U.S. Embassy cable released by WikiLeaks.

American Predicts Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Will Be Assassinated

BANGKOK, Thailand — The American who swam across a lake in 2009 and illegally spent two nights with Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in her home, resulting in an extension of her house arrest, said now that she is free, she will be “assassinated” as a pawn to topple the junta.

WikiLeaks: Russian Bribes “Infected” Bout’s Extradition Case to U.S.

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. Ambassador to Thailand warned that bribes, lies and a plot to have two U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrested in Bangkok had “infected” the extradition trial of alleged Russian arms smuggler Viktor Bout to New York, and the envoy suggested Thailand arrange testimony to correct the problems, according to two U.S. cables released by WikiLeaks.

Buddhist Temple Purges Ghosts of 2,000 Aborted Fetuses

BANGKOK, Thailand — Mournful Buddhist monks performed rituals to purge ghosts from a temple where more than 2,000 illegally aborted fetuses were hidden awaiting a secret cremation, but police said abortionists are now doing the operation in pregnant females’ homes to avoid arrest.

Cambodia’s Festival Stampede Kills 378

BANGKOK, Thailand — Cambodian officials are investigating why a huge crowd panicked during a joyful Water Festival in Phnom Penh and stampeded across a narrow bridge, killing at least 378 people in Cambodia’s worst tragedy since the Khmer Rouge’s “killing fields” regime.

U.S. Counter-Terrorism in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — A U.S. State Department agent who escaped after being kidnapped and beaten for two weeks by Iraqis, and who interrogated an Islamist involved in beheading Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, is now advising Thailand’s police, palace guards and prime minister.

2,000 Aborted Fetuses Discovered in a Buddhist Temple

BANGKOK, Thailand — Buddhist-majority Thailand’s anti-abortion laws will be enforced and police will raid illegal clinics, officials said, after discovering more than 2,000 aborted fetuses at a Buddhist temple where corrupt undertakers allegedly planned to secretly cremate them.

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi Gains Freedom & Challenges Regime

BANGKOK, Thailand — Freed after seven years under house arrest, Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi said Sunday (November 14) she will investigate “many allegations of vote-rigging” in last week’s election, but offered to talk with the ruling military junta and consider the effects of U.S.-led economic sanctions.

Buddhist Guerrillas Become Traitors & Assault Burma’s Regime

BANGKOK, Thailand — Minority ethnic Karen Buddhist guerrillas continued attacking Burmese troops for a second day on Monday, leaving 10 people injured and prompting 15,000 refugees to flee eastern Burma, hours after the country manipulated an election to buff the junta’s image.

Indonesia’s Volcano Destroys People, Farms & Air Travel

BANGKOK, Thailand — Worsening eruptions from Indonesia’s Merapi volcano killed at least 39 people, wiped out farmlands for the next 10 years, and forced airlines to cancel or divert flights along a volcano-studded “Ring of Fire” in Southeast Asia’s densely populated equatorial zone.

China Sends in the Marines to Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — China is expanding its military reach by sending, for the first time, the Marine Corps of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to train with another country during an October 26-November 14 exercise with Thailand.

Deadly Earthquake, Tsunami & Volcano Strike Indonesia

BANGKOK, Thailand — Rescuers struggled Wednesday (October 27) to reach victims of Indonesia’s earthquake, tsunami and volcano in two separate locations, where at least 113 people drowned along Sumatra island’s coastal fault-line, while 18 more perished on central Java island from spewing Mount Marapi.

Deadly Bombs Make Bangkok Unsafe

BANGKOK, Thailand — Increasingly deadly bomb attacks across Bangkok have plunged this Buddhist-majority country into confusion, despair and fear because its military and police, who received years of counter-terrorism training by the U.S., are unable to keep the capital safe.

Reds Seize Insurrection Intersection For an Afternoon

BANGKOK, Thailand — To mark the fourth anniversary of Thailand’s 2006 coup, thousands of pro-democracy Red Shirts on Sunday (September 19) seized Bangkok’s most luxurious intersection, and mourned the 91 Reds who died during clashes earlier this year when they occupied the same crossroads.

Viktor Bout & Thaksin in the Sky With Sirichoke?

BANGKOK, Thailand — Suspected Russian weapons smuggler Viktor Bout, who is fighting against extradition to the U.S., said a Thai Parliamentarian asked him how to “intercept” the private jet of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra so the fugitive politician could be arrested.

Moscow & Bangkok Argue About Extraditing Viktor Bout to New York

BANGKOK, Thailand — Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is trying to repair damaged relations with the Kremlin after Moscow’s foreign minister condemned a decision to extradite a suspected Russian weapons smuggler, Viktor Bout, from Bangkok to New York.

Thailand’s Prime Minister & Military Unite After Crushing Reds

BANGKOK, Thailand — Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva and the military are displaying a public show of unity, as the army prepares to install a hawkish commander after they defeated on May 19 a nine-week insurrection by “terrorist” Red Shirts.

Thailand’s Red Shirts Struggle to Survive Crackdown (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — To prevent another urban insurrection, new CCTV cameras will eyeball streets where 90 people died, mostly civilians, and 1,400 were injured when the military battled Red Shirt protesters and crushed their bamboo barricades in April and May.

Thailand Freezes Accounts to Hit Red Shirts

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s military-backed government has frozen bank accounts belonging to wealthy suspected supporters of Bangkok’s bloody insurrection, amid fears that the Red Shirts are plotting revenge after their bamboo barricades were crushed and 90 people died.

Bangkok Burns After the Army Crushes the Reds’ Barricades

BANGKOK, Thailand — Red Shirt protesters allegedly set fire to 40 buildings including luxury shopping malls, banks, the Stock Exchange and offices, after losing their stronghold when soldiers used armored personnel carriers to crush their barricades, ending their six-week-long occupation.

Reds’ Weapon of Choice: Burning Barricades

BANGKOK, Thailand — Black smoke billows from burning tires in the streets, creating small volcanoes fed by angry Red Shirt protesters armed with Molotov cocktails, slingshots and fireworks against trained snipers and inexperienced troops.

"Seh Daeng" Denies Leading a Death Squad to Protect the Reds (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — He boasts of killing 20 Thai communists and fondly recalls working with the CIA, but denies suspicions that he leads a death squad, involved in bombings and shootings to help the Red Shirts cripple Bangkok.

Two Faces Appear Behind Bangkok’s Bamboo Barricades (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Two Thai faces appear behind the sharpened bamboo poles and hundreds of car tires which form lengthy menacing barricades, now stinking of urine, rotten food and other debris, along Bangkok’s busy downtown streets.

Searching for Mysterious “Terrorists” in “Banana Republic” Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Searching among bloodstained streets and grainy videos, investigators are trying to identify a handful of mysterious, black-clad men who fired assault rifles and possibly grenade launchers during Bangkok’s clash on April 10, which left 24 people dead and 900 injured.

Country Joe’s “Fish” Opposes U.S. War In Afghanistan (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — When Country Joe and The Fish performed their famous satirical protest song “Fixin’ To Die” during the 1960s, they influenced many people to oppose America’s disastrous Vietnam War.

Red Shirts Smear Human Blood & Demand Election (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — A poet named Mainueng Korkuntee holds chilled vials of human blood, which he uses to paint on a long, white, cotton cloth banner.

U.S. Surveillance Blimp Fights Harsh Criticism (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — An Arlington, Virginia-based company is defending its harshly criticized US $ 9.7 million sale of a helium-filled blimp, equipped with infrared thermal cameras, to Thailand’s army for hunting Islamist guerrillas in the south.

U.S. & Thai Military Targeted by Anti-Coup Reds

BANGKOK, Thailand — The Commander of the U.S. Army Pacific, Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon, predicted a coup was “unlikely” during the Pentagon’s military training exercise on Thai soil, but a powerful Red Shirt opposition movement has now targeted America’s relations with Thailand’s coup-minded army.

Thai Military Wants U.S. Satellites to Hunt Islamist Rebels

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s military wants the U.S. to provide satellite equipment and imagery, so it can hunt thousands of Islamist separatists who are killing Thai troops and civilians with hidden roadside bombs in the south.

Thailand and Cambodia Argue About Thaksin & the Coup

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand and Cambodia have descended into a loud political feud about Bangkok’s 2006 coup, and Thailand’s current threat to demand the extradition of its fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

America Won’t Lift Sanctions Unless Suu Kyi is Freed for Election

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma must free Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest and allow her to participate in a nationwide election, otherwise the vote will not be credible and U.S. economic sanctions will not be lifted, a U.S. State Department official warned after meeting her in Rangoon.

U.S. Appeals to Extradite Russia’s Alleged “Merchant of Death” (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Newly obtained documents, prepared by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), portray an elaborate sting operation to capture alleged weapons trafficker Viktor Bout in Bangkok, and America’s current appeal to extradite him to New York.

Foreign Weapons Kill the Blockade on Burma

BANGKOK, Thailand — Demands for an international blockade against weapons sales to Burma, in response to the military regime’s detention of Aung San Suu Kyi, will face difficult challenges from defiant Chinese, Russian, East European and North Korean arms dealers.

Suu Kyi on Trial Because American Had “A Vision”

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma’s military regime wants the world’s most famous political prisoner, Aung San Suu Kyi, to confess why she allegedly broke the law to shelter an American Mormon who “had a vision,” sneaked into her mildewing villa, and made…

The Hague’s ICC Will Not Put Bush On Trial

BANGKOK, Thailand — The International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, Netherlands, expects U.S. President Barack Obama to allow it to put Americans on trial, but not prosecute former President George W. Bush or his officials for alleged torture or other war crimes.

Assassins Haunt Thai Government After Insurrection is Crushed

BANGKOK, Thailand — Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, and three of his top ministers, are being protected against an “assassination attempt,” after crushing an insurrection in Bangkok.

Thailand’s Military Shoots to End Insurrection

BANGKOK, Thailand — The army opened fire with M-16 assault rifles against thousands of protesters who burnt buses, hijacked a natural gas tanker truck, blocked streets, and surrounded government buildings during worsening political…

On Sale in Burma: Fake Viagra, Saddam Hussein Cards & Endangered Animals (with photographs)

TACHILEK, Burma — Fake Viagra, America’s anti-Saddam Hussein playing cards, Marlboros stuffed with Burmese tobacco, and the skulls and skins of endangered animals are just some of the hustles in this squalid, corrupt, suspicious border town.

Bangkok: “State of Emergency” Declared

BANGKOK, Thailand — The government declared a “state of emergency” after failing to stop protesters who attacked the prime minister’s car and seized armored personnel carriers, one day after forcing foreign leaders to evacuate by…

Thailand’s Red Shirts Will Not Cause a “Bloodbath”

BANGKOK, Thailand — Threatened by tens of thousands of “red shirts,” who are crippling Bangkok’s streets while demanding elections, the government promised to prevent a “bloodbath” or any repeat of the November blockade of Bangkok’s airports which stranded…

Americans Also Buried in Cambodia’s Killing Fields (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — An estimated 1.7 million corpses are rotting in Cambodia’s “killing fields,” including two Americans from California and Minneapolis, whose blank-faced alleged torturer appeared in court at the start…

Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge: “Not a Clear-Cut Murder Case”

BANGKOK, Thailand — An international trial starts next week in Cambodia, against five of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, but the British head of the Defense Support Section warns “it is not a clear-cut murder case” despite skeletons in mass graves…

Thaksin on a Do-Or-Die Flight Plan to Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — The international airport is open after a political blockade stranded 350,000 passengers, but Thailand is now grappling with a powerful fugitive who wants to fly his jet on a do-or-die arrival, to topple the government.

Rohingyas, Malays and Hmong Allege Torture

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thai security forces allegedly burned, buried, sodomized and stuck needles into victims, and abandoned people in the sea to die, according to survivors and human rights groups, but the prime minister and military denied systematic abuse.

San Francisco’s Revolutionary Graffiti (with photographs)

SAN FRANCISCO — Sleek limousines and ambitious “dot commies” have buffed this city with a glossy, corporate sheen, but revolutionary graffiti, gang killings, and financial havoc reveal that San Francisco’s steep hills have turned into slippery politicized…

New Year Fireworks Inside Bangkok Nightclub Kills 60

BANGKOK, Thailand — People cheering “Happy New Year 2009” during a boozy Bad Boy Party, ignited fireworks inside an upscale nightclub, sparking an inferno which burnt to death 60 victims and injured 100 others who tried to escape.

Counterfeit Money is a Genuine Worry for Thailand (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — In this mimic-happy land brimming with counterfeit designer goods, illegal software, duplicated movies, sham medicine, forged passports, and other professionally faked items, genuine fear has suddenly appeared.

Canadian Man Accused of Sex Crimes in Thailand (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — A Canadian who allegedly arranged for Americans to sexually abuse “pre-pubescent” boys in his home for payment, while he taught at a prestigious school in Bangkok, was arrested in London by the U.S. Justice Department working with British police.

Thailand: Bland, Squeaky Clean, Yuppie Becomes Prime Minister

BANGKOK, Thailand — Abhisit Vejjajiva, a bland, squeaky clean, yuppie politician whose party failed to win a national election, was chosen as prime minister on Monday, boosted by the military and Bangkok’s elite after his opposition party formed a shaky coalition…

Unstable Thailand Prepares For Fresh Confrontation

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s crippled government is struggling to find a new prime minister and prevent a return of protesters who easily sabotaged Bangkok’s airports, stranding more than 300,000 travelers.

Darwinian Struggle To Find Ticket Out Of Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand —Emergency flights are evacuating thousands of Bangkok’s grounded passengers, but that is only a trickle of the 100,000 or more people who want to escape this country’s insurrection.

Dysfunctional Thailand Allowed Airport Seizures

BANGKOK, Thailand — Travelers, businessmen and reporters, unable to fly through Bangkok’s barricaded airports, were telling the world about dysfunctional Thailand, including a prediction that Al Qaeda terrorists will be delighted to learn…

"State Of Emergency" At Bangkok’s Airports

BANGKOK, Thailand — Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat clamped a “state of emergency” on Bangkok’s two main airports, and ordered the navy, air force and police to remove protesters who barricaded thousands of passengers from arriving or departing.

Yellow-Shirt Mob Seizes Bangkok’s International Airport

BANGKOK, Thailand — The victory by mobs wearing royalist yellow shirts, who easily seized Bangkok’s glistening international airport and blocked thousands of arriving and departing passengers, is a calculated gamble to see who can provoke the most bloodshed or misery.

Bangkok Dangerous: Bombs, Sleaze & Paralysis

BANGKOK, Thailand — A series of deadly bombings, including Thursday’s (November 20) attack which killed one person and injured 29 others, have shattered this Buddhist-dominated capital’s polite, care-free ambiance, and worsened the paralysis within Thailand’s besieged government.

Escaping Alcatraz? Keep Swimming & Don’t Get Shot (with photographs)

ALCATRAZ ISLAND, California — To escape from this prison built on jagged rocks in the San Francisco Bay, an inmate needed to swim through poisonous jellyfish, numbness, exhaustion, tides, and angry guards trying to kill him.

Burma’s Suu Kyi Under Arrest For 13 Years (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — The world’s most famous political prisoner, Aung San Suu Kyi, completes 13 years under house arrest on Friday (October 24), refusing to leave Burma for freedom in self-exile because she fears the military regime would block her future return.

Thailand and Cambodia, Two Buddhist Nations, Battle on Their Border

BANGKOK, Thailand — The latest gunfire and two deaths along the disputed Thai-Cambodian border on Wednesday (October 15) threaten to escalate into open warfare between these two Buddhist countries, pitting Bangkok’s U.S.-trained military against some of the late Pol Pot’s former Khmer Rouge forces.

"Land of Smiles" Mutates Into a Painful Grimace

BANGKOK, Thailand — Bloody political street fighting, and ominous demands for another military coup, have split this usually mellow Buddhist country, mutating its “Land of Smiles” logo into a painful grimace.

Political Cartoonist Pat Oliphant Hopes McCain “Would Disappear” (with photographs)

SAN FRANCISCO — Political cartoonist Pat Oliphant, who wields ink to warn and ridicule, hopes U.S. presidential candidate John McCain “would disappear” and fears vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin is “obviously not ready to be the leader of the free world.”

Thailand’s Crippled Government Appoints New Prime Minister

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s crippled government appointed on Wednesday (September 17) a new prime minister, Somchai Wongsawat, but the soft-spoken bureaucrat with questionable family relations faces the same anti-democracy forces which toppled two previous elected leaders.

Anti-Government Mobs Cripple Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand — An angry Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej vowed not to resign, despite being locked out of his office building when more than 30,000 rowdy protestors crippled Bangkok, hoping to topple his elected government.

Thaksin is The World’s Newest International Fugitive

BANGKOK, Thailand — The world’s newest international fugitive from arrest is a wealthy, square-faced man with a PhD. in criminal justice from a university in Texas, and a former hand-holding ally of U.S. President George W. Bush.

Bush In Bangkok Blasts Burma & China (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — U.S. President George W. Bush arrived to meet a tantrum-prone Thai prime minister, express America’s “opposition to China’s detention of political dissidents,” and later plot with Burmese to force regime change in Burma.

Cyclone Help For Irrawaddy Delta Survivors

BANGKOK, Thailand — Wounded and terrified survivors waited for help on Tuesday, picking through flimsy bamboo, thatch and wooden wreckage in villages flattened by Cyclone Nargis, which Burma’s military regime said killed more than 22,000 people on the exposed Irrawaddy River delta.

America’s Secret Plan To Nuke Vietnam & Laos

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. Air Force wanted to use “nuclear weapons” against Vietnam in 1959 and 1968, and Laos in 1961, to obliterate communist guerrillas, according to newly declassified secret U.S. Air Force documents.

Coups & Superstitions

BANGKOK, Thailand — Coup-crazy Thailand is spooked about another possible putsch, after Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej condemned a fortune teller who met the frustrated leader of the 2006 coup.

Accused “Lord of War” Fights Extradition

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency’s attempt to extradite a Russian, Viktor Bout, to America for alleged terrorism is not supported by evidence and is based on “blah blah blah,” according to his lawyer.

Electro-Shock In Kathmandu (with photographs)

KATHMANDU, Nepal — When this nation’s capital is cut off from electricity, survival becomes a surreal mix of medieval streets lit by candles, people stimulated as if in a Pavlov experiment, and concern that climate change and poverty may doom Kathmandu.

Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Returns

BANGKOK, Thailand — After orchestrating a stunning political victory over the military which ousted him in a 2006 coup, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra returned from 17 months in self-exile and surrendered to face corruption charges.

Backpackers Rescue Ancient Hoi An (with photographs)

HOI AN, Vietnam — Foreign backpackers and the United Nations have helped Vietnam’s communists rescue this exquisite town, which became dilapidated after wealthy shippers and merchants abandoned it more than 100 years ago.

On Sale In Communist Vietnam (with photographs)

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — “The communists still control the government, but now they allow capitalism, because they know they were wrong,” said a Vietnamese man who suffered several months in a communist “re-education” camp in 1975 because he collaborated with Americans.

Warnings in Thailand Not To Seek Revenge

BANGKOK, Thailand — Criticized as a rude right-wing demagogue, 72-year-old Samak Sundaravej was named prime minister, amid warnings that he must not seek revenge against military leaders who ousted his partner in a coup.

She’s Back! Thaksin’s Wife Returns

BANGKOK, Thailand — Submitting to “her surrender” and challenging Bangkok’s coup-installed junta, fugitive Pojaman Shinawatra returned to Thailand to defend her role in alleged corruption committed when her husband was prime minister.

Thai Voters Defy Coup Leaders

BANGKOK, Thailand — Rebellious voters defied Thailand’s 15-month- old military coup, and cast their ballots overwhelmingly for a politician who supports ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, despite the junta’s tribunals which indicted Mr. Thaksin for alleged massive corruption.

Thailand Divides On Election

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s upcoming election on Sunday (December 23) may be won by an “ultra right-wing” politician whose plan to defy last year’s coup and bring back disgraced Thaksin Shinawatra from self-exile could bitterly divide this Buddhist- majority, U.S. ally.

Thailand’s Anxious Election

BANGKOK, Thailand — This Buddhist-majority nation is gearing up to elect a new prime minister and restore some democracy after last year’s coup, but the mood is cynical, anxious and unsatisfied because of the choices available.

The F-Word Disturbs Thailand’s Election

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s next prime minister could be a “vulgar” and “ultra right-wing” politician who shocked this Buddhist nation when he used the f-word during a boisterous televised news conference.

Tiananmen Square, Burmese Style

BANGKOK, Thailand — Burma is apparently using photos sent to Web sites, TVs and other media to arrest protestors, while praising China’s 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown which turned foreign news videos into virtual wanted posters to capture its dissidents.

Airplane Hijacker’s Flight For Burma’s Freedom

BANGKOK, Thailand — A Burmese man who hijacked a Thai International Airways passenger plane, to publicize his country’s struggle against its military regime, says other protestors in Burma should not seize aircraft but find “dramatic” and “creative ways” to gain world support.

Burma’s Bloggers

BANGKOK, Thailand — Dodging a deadly military crackdown, bloggers in Burma are now on the front lines providing news and photos of death and insurrection.

Burma’s Dictator

BANGKOK, Thailand — Much of the world now knows about Burma’s struggling Buddhist revolution for democracy, but the dictator who rules the country is still obscure, grimly hidden behind dark sunglasses and a uniform decorated with military medals.

Burma’s Buddhists Protest

BANGKOK, Thailand — Tens of thousands of maroon-robed monks are trying to stage a Buddhist revolution against Burma’s military regime, but Buddhists in next-door Thailand have not lent support to the Burmese quest for democratic enlightenment.

Thailand’s One-Year Coup Anniversary

BANGKOK, Thailand — One year after the military toppled Thailand’s elected government in a bloodless coup, this Buddhist- majority ally of America now suffers splits over its failure to put ousted officials on trial for alleged corruption and extra-judicial killings.

Coup Punishment

BANGKOK, Thailand — Jakrapob Penkair, a leading enemy of Thailand’s ruling junta, wants the military officers who staged last year’s bloodless coup to be put on trial and jailed for life, and face possible execution.

Thailand’s Constitution

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s coup-installed military regime has told citizens to vote “yes” for a new constitution, written while half the country is muzzled under martial law, or accept a mysterious back-up constitution which is being kept secret from the public.

British Ambassador David Fall

BANGKOK, Thailand — The British Ambassador to Thailand and Laos, David Fall, ended his career as a diplomat by giving a wildly hilarious, shockingly blunt, comedy performance of taboo jokes about Scotsmen using condoms, trigger-happy Americans, and sexual double entendres involving British, Turkish and French officials.

Khmer Rouge Trial (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Defending Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge leaders at an international tribunal may include arguing about genocide and the lack of a “smoking gun,” despite the deaths of up to three million Cambodians, according to U.N. Principal Defender Rupert Skilbeck.

Money Freezing

Bangkok, Thailand — The military junta, which seized power in a bloodless September coup, is wondering if the politically savvy wife of the ousted prime minister carried cash from corruption in two dozen luggage bags when she flew out of Thailand.

Laos “Stinger” Alleged Terror Plot Busted In California

BANGKOK, Thailand — After a U.S. Justice Department undercover agent displayed a Stinger air-to-surface missile in a bugged Hilton Hotel room in Sacramento, California, paranoia began to spread.

Thailand’s Last Executioner (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — He shot 55 men and women in the back, killing them with a burst of bullets aimed at the heart, while each person was tied to a wooden cross.

A Corrupting, Cosmic Crutch Emerges In Thailand (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — Buddhists have become obsessed with a magic amulet which resembles a rap star’s bling-sized medallion, despite warnings that the circular icon is a cosmic crutch, corrupting religion and society.

A Burned Body Illustrates Martial Law

BANGKOK, Thailand — Traumatized Thais scooped the charred chunks of a Buddhist woman’s corpse off the street, wrapped the blackened pieces in white cloth, and showed the grisly evidence to Thailand’s coup leader.

Who Bombed Bangkok?

BANGKOK, Thailand — This Buddhist-majority nation is gripped with suspense over an unsolved, bloody New Year’s Eve terrorist attack in Bangkok. Who planted nine bombs in the capital’s streets during public count-down celebrations, killing three people and injuring 30 others in neon-lit darkness?

Six Months Later, Thai Coup Plotters Face Tough Times

BANGKOK, Thailand — Six months after the military grabbed power in a bloodless coup, Thailand faces a worsening Islamist insurgency, a plunging economy, fears of more Bangkok bomb blasts, and widespread despair.

Junta Warns Of Terror Attacks In Bangkok

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s U.S.-backed military regime is warning that Islamist insurgent infiltrators will try to bomb Bangkok and escalate their war for independence, which has killed 2,000 people in the past three years.

How My Book Got Slashed In London’s Tate Modern Museum (with photographs)

BANGKOK, Thailand — London’s Tate Modern museum recently discovered a woman who, wielding a sharp blade, obsessively cut more than 80 words from 123 books, including our nonfiction tome, “Hello My Big Big Honey!” Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews.

Thailand Becoming Anti-Singapore?

BANGKOK, Thailand — Official links between Thailand and Singapore, two of America’s staunchest Southeast Asian military allies, have turned hostile amid security fears after the tiny island nation hosted former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was toppled in a coup by Bangkok’s army.

Thaksin’s Passport Cancelled, and His Son is Interrogated

BANGKOK, Thailand — The military junta, which overthrew prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra in a coup, cancelled his diplomatic passport after linking his supporters to deadly New Year bomb blasts.

Bangkok Bomb Plot

BANGKOK, Thailand — Eight small bombs which killed three people and injured 38, including nine foreigners during Bangkok’s New Year celebrations, were a plot by supporters of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, according to the military junta which overthrew him in a September coup.

Thai Military Push Against Muslim Guerrillas Fails

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s U.S.-trained military has been unable to crush Muslim guerrillas in the south

Coup Leaders Face A Southern Insurgency

BANGKOK, Thailand — The horror of 78 Muslim men who were forcibly tied up, laid out like logs in army trucks, crushed until their eyes bled and they suffocated to death, has not been forgotten despite the coup regime’s apology.

Ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Willing To Stand Trial In Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — Ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra is willing to stand trial for corruption and extrajudicial murders allegedly committed during his reign, and wants to return from self-exile when martial law is lifted, his lawyer said in an interview.

Squabbling Erupts Among Thailand’s Coup Plotters

BANGKOK, Thailand — Six weeks after a bloodless military coup destroyed Thailand’s democracy, squabbling has erupted among supporters of the putsch, amid worries that corrupt politicians are hiding illegal loot while the ruling junta dithers without direction.

Thai Junta Warns Of Risks Of Lifting Martial Law

BANGKOK, Thailand — The American Embassy pressured Thailand’s military junta to lift martial law within 10 days, but coup leader Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratkalin warned of problems “if martial law is lifted too soon.”

Thai Coup Leaders Promise Corruption Investigation

BANGKOK, Thailand — The military coup leaders promised to investigate alleged corruption committed during ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s reign, including his family’s 1.9 billion U.S. dollar telecommunications sale, Thailand’s purchase of American bomb-detection scanners, and other big ticket items.

Thailand’s Coup Plotters Award Themselves Immunity

BANGKOK, Thailand — The military junta unveiled on Wednesday (September 27) a draft constitution awarding themselves “complete immunity” after they toppled Thailand’s elected government in a bloodless coup, declared martial law, shredded the previous constitution, banned politics, and curbed the media.

Post-Coup Fears Stop US Troops From “R & R” in Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand — The U.S. military in South Korea warned its troops not to travel to Thailand because the aftermath of Bangkok’s coup could turn anti-American, but about 60 Thais defied martial law on Monday (September 25) and denounced the new military junta as “demented and ridiculous.”

Thailand’s New Constitution May Change Democracy

BANGKOK, Thailand — Thailand’s new constitution should boost the right to strike and form unions, end discrimination against politicians without Bachelor’s degrees, nationalize public and security infrastructure, and allow people to vote from any ballot box in the country, reformists said.

After the Coup: Protests, Petitions & Prosecutions

BANGKOK, Thailand — The wife of self-exiled billionaire Thaksin Shinawatra, and two of their adult children, did not flee abroad after a bloodless military coup toppled his elected government, paving the way for possible prosecution of his family members for alleged corruption and tax evasion, reports said Friday (September 22).

Coup Leaders Pursue Thaksin’s Collaborators

BANGKOK, Thailand — Military coup leaders on Thursday (September 21) hunted for politicians, officials and other collaborators of the toppled elected government and hauled some in for questioning, after the billionaire prime minister, his family, and several ministers fled to Europe.

The Coup Leaders’ First Moves

BANGKOK, Thailand — The six highest-ranking, U.S.-trained, military and police officers in this Southeast Asian nation presented themselves on Wednesday (September 20) as Thailand’s new self-appointed coup leaders, warning people not to destabilize their junta, and promising to install a civilian interim prime minister within two weeks, so elections could be staged in one year.

Thailand’s US-Trained Military Mounts a Bloodless Coup

BANGKOK, Thailand — Troops from Thailand’s U.S.-trained military, backed by tanks and armored personnel carriers, seized the prime minister’s office on Tuesday (September 19) night and filled TV screens with propaganda, in a bloodless coup led by a “revolutionary body” to end corruption and stop perceived attacks on the king.


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